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Human Pac-Man Stop Motion

Here’s a creative human Pac-Man stop-motion video creation by Guillaume Reymond who had also previously created a similar one of the popular game Tetris.   ...

Incredible Model Plane Acrobatics

The annual Electric Tournament of Champions since its inception in 2004 has been the place for electric events. In this video recorded from the event is one called airplane acrobatics. ...

Crazy Webcam Synchronization

This is one of the craziest but awesome videos I’ve seen. Fans of Japanese pop group ‘Sour’ were selected to participate in a combined video made up of their individual ...

Dog Confusion

Dog gets confused when he sees a cat in a video on the laptop who happens to be sitting right in the exact room at that moment. The confused bow-wow ...

GTA IV Multiplayer Madness and Fun

Here’s a video montage featuring Justin TV live broadcaster Kreyg of HotBloodedGaming from many fun multiplayer moments in GTA IV. Many cool and awesome moments captured from his live casts ...
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