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Kinect Street Fighter IV

Here’s one of the many ways the Kinect with the help of open drivers can make PC gaming a little more interesting. In the video, the Microsoft Kinect ...

Xbox 360 in a Toaster

Why would an Xbox 360 be found in a toaster? The answer is because it can. This interesting video game console mod by ncaruso11 crams the inner workings ...

Kinect Piano

Here’s a cool video of a Kinect piano featuring Microsoft’s Kinect not being used in a game on the Xbox 360 console but on the PC. This ...

Kinect Super Mario

No, this is not Nintendo’s Super Mario on the Xbox 360, but an Xbox Microsoft Kinect motion sensing device hacked for use with the PC in the ...

Halo Reach Xbox 360 Cake

Here’s a nicely made Xbox 360 cake by Christa Rose. This isn’t any other Xbox 360 cake but the Halo Reach special edition console made for a ...

Xbox 360 Cake with Controller

  Now that’s a real cake fit for a gaming geek. This Xbox 360 cake from Christin’s Cakes complete with power cord and plug has been made to stand ...
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