taiyaki cooking key chain pocket electronic game 1

Taiyaki is a sweet and tasty pancake-like treat with fillings from Japan. The traditional way of cooking taiyaki is over a hot fire and adding fillings between the batter before it takes shape in the form of a fish when it’s cooked.

taiyaki cooking key chain pocket electronic game 2

Here’s one pocket electronic game that takes the concept of a whack-a-mole game and turns it into cooking taiyaki. Instead of whacking moles that light up, one has to press the button of the taiyaki that have been cooked, represented by a flashing red color. Just a simple game, but compact enough to fit on a key ring or bag for playing with while waiting for transport or to get rid of some boredom on a slow day.

Pressing on the taiyaki icons quicker will get you a higher score and the level increases up to level 7, where everything speeds up and requires a faster reaction. Sounds like a quick way to crank up the gears in our heads in the mornings.

The taiyaki-cooking key chain pocket electronic game retails for 1,260 yen from Strapya-World.