Takara Tomy’s QFO is a unique remote control flying saucer. It’s an interesting looking flying object that has its propellers mounted at the bottom instead of the usual top-props as found on its cousin, the heli-Q RC helicopter.

takara tomy QFO

The QFO is able to fly up to 7-8 metres in the air. It is controlled by an infrared remote control that consists of just a lever to control its flying height.

So how does it move laterally then? If you look closely at the video below you can see that the demonstrator uses the remote control and points it around for the QFO to follow. That’s why there isn’t any other controls except for controlling the QFO’s elevation.

The Takara Tomy QFO comes in four colours and sells for $47 each at HimeyaShop.

Video of the Takara Tomy QFO in action at Tokyo Toy Show 2008: