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Called the Twimal or Tsuimaru in Japanese, the Takara Tomy Twimal is not only a USB desktop notifier for Twitter, but also a Twitter reader as well. This USB gadget designed to work with Twitter allows the user to listen to Twitter messages directly when connected to Twitter account via a downloadable software.

The cute Twimal comes in two designs of male and female voices and when connected to a computer with a Twitter account, it can be customized to read out tweets from certain people, from hashtags and also direct messages from Twitter.

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This makes it easy to get in touch and tune into live events such as sports, current affairs and unfolding news that are happening at the moment without needing to stay glued to their Twitter homepage all the time.

It will also be of great use to multitaskers who may be busy with their social media interactions on one hand and yet be able to listen to incoming updates as they get tweeted.

The Tsuimaru USB Twitter messenger will work with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and will be released by Takara Tomy of Japan on March 31st 2011 at a price of 2,480 yen.