Imagine going down taking a dive in the ocean where all you can hear is your own breathing and the ambient sound of the waters. It may sound boring to some but here’s an underwater housing that makes it possible for divers to enjoy music from your iPod while being submerged at depths of up to 300ft/90m.

idive 300 1

idive 300 2

The iDive 300 from h20audio is an underwater housing made for the iPod. It supports models from the iPod nano all the way to the iPod touch so there’s no need to own multiple casings if you have more than one iPod lying around.

Besides listening to music while scuba diving or snorkelling, being able to watch movies will surely make time pass more quickly during decompression.

The iDive 300 retails at a price of $349.99.


  • Waterproof down to 300ft/90m underwater
  • Integrated microprocessor allows for push button control of click wheel and touch screen iPod devices
  • Over the Ear Speakers designed to be attached to a mask strap or tucked under a dive hood
  • Built in amplifier provides high quality stereo sound
  • Watch movies while decompressing
  • Recommended for SCUBA diving and snorkeling
  • Lanyard loop allows for easy attachment