tandem usb connector

Here’s a USB connector design that solves the problem of not having enough USB ports for the increasing amount of USB gadgets these days.

The Tandem USB connector is a design by Yi Fan Lin & Hong Yih Chu that incorporates a female connector at the back of an existing male USB connection jack. This allows another USB device to piggy-back on the one first one and beyond.

The theoretically limit (without considering power consumption) for daisy-chaining USB devices on a single port is 127 devices, so it’s almost impossible to reach that limit for typical PC users.

While it does indeed solve the problem at hand, the drawback is that there’s no way to only detach a USB gadget from the front if there are multiple devices lining up behind it in the chain.

A good workaround to reduce the chances of having to remove an entire USB chain is to sort the USB devices in order of volatility, which is simply inserting them in order of ‘most-unlikely-to-be-detached’ to ‘most-likely’.