Do you often put your hand at risk reaching under the tap to find out the temperature of the water? It has happened on so many occasions that the hot water simply scalds us leaving in its wake a flurry of obscenities being hurled in the bathroom. German company Hansa Canyon knows all about it and has a tap that shows you the temperature of the water that is currently running out of the tap. eliminating the risk of scalding our precious hands.

Hansa Canyon Tap 1

Hansa Canyon Tap

The taps are fitted with LEDs that illuminate the water with different colours depending on the temperature of the water running out from the tap. Red means hot, pink means warm and blue means cool. This product has been available in Germany for a year and currently it has headed to the US. This is certainly a great design for safety purposes. That will mean no more shocks of entering a cold shower or scalding yourself with hot water testing the temperature.