team fortress 2 balloonicorn 1

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine that life is a fairytale. Unless you’re a Team Fortress 2 pyro, that it. With the ‘Meet The Pyro’ video released, we can glimpse into the world of rainbows, inflatable unicorns known as balloonicorns and lollipops in the eyes of the Pyro.

team fortress 2 balloonicorn 2

Here’s one item that has been brought from the Pyro’s pyrovision world to our world, an inflatable balloonicorn that is sure to appeal to Team Fortress 2 fans, and especially those who play the pyro class regularly. Sometimes a balloonicorn is all that is needed to let us take a break from the toils of the real world, to relax in the Pyro’s dream world.

Watch the video of the Team Fortress 2 ‘Meet The Pyro’ that includes the Pyro’s dream world with pyrovision turned on below:



Surely one stark contrast between the real world and the Pyro’s world.

The inflatable balloonicorn measures 3” in height and retails for $29.99 from Valve Store.


Meanwhile, while we’re at it, how about also adding this Team Fortress 2 Pyro plush into the mix as well.

team fortress 2 pyro plush toy

The Team Fortress 2 Pyro plush toy stands at 13” tall and retails for $19.99 from Amazon.