team fortress 2 blue soldier figurine

Here’s one cool TF2 soldier that does not exist as an image on your screen, but a figurine that stands right on your desktop or display case.

As many of the Team Fortress 2 players know, the Blue soldier from Team Fortress 2 is more or less the knight of the TF2 battlefield, preferring to take things head-on with his trusty rocket launcher. In attack/defend mode, the blue soldier while on the offensive can always be seen taking on soldiers, demomen, light classes and sentries from the red team.

This Blue soldier figurine stands at 13” tall, which will look very prominent when placed on a gaming desktop as a decorative companion or in a display case along with other gaming collection items.

A well-detailed TF2 soldier figurine perfect for a TF2 player, especially one who frequently uses the Soldier class.

The Team Fortress 2 Blue Soldier figure retails for $199.99 from Amazon.