teatanic tea infuser 1

Here’s one tea infuser made in the form of the famous ship made famous worldwide in a movie based on a real event. While it will not be the source of disasters in the house, it will instead brew you a nice cup of tea for a nice relaxing break.

teatanic tea infuser 2

The tea infuser shaped like a ship, ironically isn’t made to stay afloat when dunked in liquid. In this case, all you need to do is to fill it up with loose tea leaves and put it in a cup of hot water. As the tea brew, you can slowly watch water turn to tea as this mini Titanic model tries to enact a scene from that famous disaster.

An interesting tea infuser that will surely make a nice gift for fans of the movie.

The Teatanic Titanic-style tea infuser retails for $7.19 from Amazon.