telly tv note memo holder 1

Here’s one note holder that doesn’t look quite like a memo note holder, but more like a blast from the past, and that’s a retro television set.

telly tv note memo holder 2

telly tv note memo holder 3

The memo holder comes in the size of a mini retro TV, but doesn’t have the ability for displaying TV shows. Instead it works as a holder for notes and memos. The most important feature has to be the screen portion, as it’s the area where you would want to put the most important memo right on top of the stack so that particular message gets displayed through the screen.

A cool looking note holder that is not only useful, but will also serve as a desktop decoration for that touch of nostalgic feel.

The Telly memo note holder comes in three colors, red, charcoal, stone white, and retails for $15 each from Monkey Business.