temperature sensor coffee mug with display 1

Have you ever taken a sip from your cup of coffee only to realize that it was either too hot or too cold? Here’s a coffee cup that will make sure you’ll only get to drink coffee at the correct temperature every time.

temperature sensor coffee mug with display 2

temperature sensor coffee mug with display 3

The temperature sensor coffee mug is a mug that comes with a built-in temperature sensor. The sensor is able to measure the current temperature of the beverage sitting in the mug. Touching the mug will activate the touch sensor, and that will switch on the LED display on the mug showing an icon that indicates the rough temperature of your drinks, in addition to a double-digit LED display that shows the exact numeric temperature of the liquid.

The heart icon at the top will display different colors according to the temperature of the liquid, where a blue color indicates a temperature of drinks when it’s below 35 degrees, an orange color for warm drinks ranging from 35-65 degrees while red indicates a temperature over 65 degrees which is the suitable temperature for drinking a good cup of coffee. As long as you drink within the intended temperature of your drinks, you’ll get to enjoy it at the best time.

The temperature in numerical value will also be shown, so you’ll able to know the temperature of the liquid you’re about to drink, so there will be no surprises when you take a drink from the mug.

A clever and useful smart mug that will make sure you’ll be able to enjoy your drinks at the perfect temperature all the time.

The temperature sensor LED coffee mug is powered by 2 AA batteries and retails for $36.90 from Brando Gadgets.