teo bluetooth smart padlock 1

Here’s one interesting padlock idea that turns the conventional padlock and key into one that’s smart. By smart we mean that it uses Bluetooth transmission instead of a tangible hardware key for it to work.

teo bluetooth smart padlock 2

The idea is that by using Bluetooth, the lock works just like an electronic lock that only unlocks when certain conditions are met, one of which it can be unlocked by a smartphone via an application transmitting the unlock code to the lock wirelessly.

This form of lock looks pretty cool, and wireless locking is quite common when it comes to cars, but other than that using it on a bicycle, problems such as keeping it charged pop up.

If they manage to get problems such as battery power running out after some time, in addition to keeping it very secure, then it will be a very useful padlock that will make keeping our bicycles secure more convenient.

More info about the TEO Bluetooth Smart Padlock at its Kickstarter page.