Though still in beta stages, Terminator Kari aka Karilynn from popular live broadcasting site beat the mob against all odds on Xbox Live’s 1 vs 100 game on Friday. While the game was being played live across thousands of homes, a particular community was cheering her on as the game was broadcasted live on a channel at The news certainly spread and made waves across Xbox gaming communities everywhere.

terminator kari wins 1 vs 100

At the peak of the game, the chatroom saw 800 viewers who were absolutely thrilled that the fact one of their members actually got to be ‘The One’ and a huge celebration after the mob was defeated by this ‘Terminator’. A thrilling night for the members of the JTV gaming community.

Watch the video of the moments where Terminator Kari defeated all 100 members from the mob and ongoing bursts of excitement from broadcaster RSQViper, and friends in the party namely miss_ella_baby (*who got her outfit stolen), General Tims, SCPSniperSaver and jojofluffernutter.



Terminator Kari wins Xbox Live’s 1 vs 100

*Here’s the inside story: Karilynn logged on to accompany miss_ella_baby to play the game, and used her outfit so they looked the same. Eventually Karilynn managed to be the One and beat the mob without getting Ella’d out of the game! The voice of the girl in the video is indeed Ella’s who was a little annoyed having her clothes but not herself on stage.

Once again congratulations to Terminator Kari for one of the most epic wins on 1 vs 100.