tetris sandwich cutter 1

Bored of plain old looking pieces of sandwich that come in squares or triangles? Here’s a way to spice things up without changing any ingredients, but changing the shape of the sandwich itself. Not just any shape, but in the shape of Tetris blocks.

tetris sandwich cutter 2

This sandwich cutter is made to cut a sandwich into shapes that look just like the blocky pieces from the classic video game. After preparing the sandwich, simply press the cutter over the sandwich and they’ll be cut into bite-sized pieces.

Not only will it be able to remove the bread crust, the Tetris-like pieces that have been cut out can be rearranged in many ways to turn a simple meal into a fun one. However, when the pieces are arranged to form a line, they won’t disappear though. You’ll have to do the work of eating the tasty Tetris-shaped sandwich pieces.

A cool sandwich tool that makes both food preparation and eating fun.

The Tetris sandwich cutter retails for $14.95 from Amazon.