tetris mints 1

Whether it’s having a meal or at a social event, its always handy to carry a box of mints for freshening up. Here’s a pack of mints that come in the form that will remind you of the addictive game of Tetris back in the days.

tetris mints 2

This is a pack of mints that come in the shaped of Tetris blocks in the classic retro game, Tetris. They are packed in a box and when take them out, you may have an irresistible urge to take them out one by one and arrange them to form lines. However unlike the game, they won’t magically disappear on their own unless you put them in your mouth.

The mints come in a box that is shaped like a giant Tetris block, which can be reusable for keeping as a collectible when you finish all the mints inside.

A pack of mints perfect for a Tetris fan.

The Tetris mints in a Tetris-shaped box retails for $3.99 from ThinkGeek.