tetris sticky notes

These Tetris-looking sticky notes called Block notes have the same purpose as the common sticky notes or post-it notes that we often use to jot down reminders and messages which can be attached to stuff for easy viewing. However, instead of coming in conventional square and rectangular shapes, these cool sticky notes come in the shape of Tetris blocks.

Here’s where the fun begins. Each pad comes with an assortment of blocks of various colors where messages and words can be written on. They can then be on their own or arrange like a bunch of blocks in the classic game of Tetris. As new notes get added by different individuals, the space allocated for notes will truly look like a Tetris game screen.

To use these Tetris sticky notes for a game, single words can be written on each sticky note and as people come along they can be arranged to form sentences and messages just for fun.

While the size of an individual Tetris block sticky note won’t be large enough for long messages, it is still possible to create a longer message simply by adding more blocks by rotating and arranging them to fit together. A practical and fun piece of stationary perfect for adding that bit of fun into homes and offices. The Tetris sticky notes are available at £7.50 per set at Suck UK.