tetris style desk tidy stationery set 1

Here’s a desk organizer set that comes in the look of the classic game, Tetris. They look just like the blocks from the game and can be arranged to fit each other too.

tetris style desk tidy stationery set 2

tetris style desk tidy stationery set 3

The organizer comes with the recognizable shaped blocks from the game. Instead of using them to score points, they are made for keeping a desk neat and tidy. The different blocks each come with a different function, there’s one for storing stuff like elastic bands, one that works as a measuring tape, one that stores a memo pad, a sharpener, a measuring tape and so on.

With this set it will be able to maintain a clean and tidy desk while having some of the essential stationery within reach. Not only that, the Tetris blocks will also add a bit of color and to an otherwise boring desktop.

A useful game-themed desk tidy set that will surely brighten up a workspace.

The Tetris-style desk tidy stationery set retails for $26.99 from Amazon.