TF2 players should know how important the Engineers’ dispensers are to the success of the team. They regenerate hitpoints, distribute supplies and ammo whenever needed by team members. Now here’s an actual completed monitor case mod of an Engineer’s dispenser!

TF2 dispenser case mod 1

Housed inside the meticulously crafted dispenser is a fully functional PC monitor as the screen of the dispenser. Definitely looks like the real thing especially with the addition of the dispenser gauge as the desktop wallpaper.

TF2 dispenser case mod 2

This TF2 dispenser casing was made by TiTON of For TF2 and modding fans, you’ll be thrilled to know that this is only the first instalment of a 2-parter, in which the casemod of the Engineer’s sentry gun will follow pretty soon.

Do drop by bit-tech’s page for the modding process of the dispenser case mod and more pictures of the TF2 dispenser in the gallery.

Video of the dispenser mod in action: