thanko usb cat paw usb mouse 1

Here’s one interesting looking USB computer mouse from Thanko Japan. This computer mouse is not only completely clad in a fur-like material but also comes with a tactile presence of a cat’s paw!

thanko usb cat paw usb mouse 2thanko usb cat paw usb mouse 3

This is one product that combines two animals that are natural enemies in nature, in this case the predatory cat and the mouse as prey. Technically that is, considering the mouse here is a computer mouse and not the actual animal. However it does look pretty cute to have a one that comes with a cat paw design like this.

Surely there are many cat lovers who love to rub their fingers over their kittens’ toes all the time, so now they can also do the same thing while working on the computer.

A mouse with some fur does seem quite comfortable to use, especially for trapping body heat in cold temperatures. However, the furry material will surely trap dust and dirt from dirty hands so it’ll have to be cleaned from time to time. The Thanko cat paw USB computer mouse is available for 1480 yen at Rakuten.