thanko flexible arm smartphone holder 1

Tired of holding up your smartphone all the time on the bed? Here’s one way to relieve your strained arm muscles from the extend period of holding your smartphone as you use it just before going to sleep, a smartphone holder and stand that comes with a flexible arm.

thanko flexible arm smartphone holder 2

thanko flexible arm smartphone holder 3

This arm comes with the clip at one end that allows the smartphone holder to be attached to many places, such as the side of a table or railing, and the other end comes with a smartphone holder that will hold your smartphone securely in place. This allows one to keep your hands-free while doing chores, or simply to watch a TV show or movie on a portable media device leisurely at the most perfect angle possible.

Not only is it suitable for use in homes but also looks good for use in cars and other vehicles as well. One clever design for a multipurpose and adaptable smartphone holder that is sure to find its place in many places.

The Thanko flexible arm smartphone holder retails for 2,480 yen from Thanko Japan.