thanko foldable iphone external backup battery dock 1

The iPhone with its many features and connectivity options can be quite a battery drainer, therefore there are many who purchase an external backup battery to go along with the iPhone just in case the iPhone runs low on juice in the middle of nowhere without a recharging point available nearby.

thanko foldable iphone external backup battery dock 2

thanko foldable iphone external backup battery dock 3

Unlike usual external backup batteries for the iPhone, the Thanko Foldable Battery Dock comes with a hinge that allows the battery to swivel at angle to hold the iPhone up in portrait mode for viewing video clips or movies and also vertically like a typical iPhone external backup battery in a shape more suitable for making phone calls with while it is still attached.

First of all, it can be used as an external backup battery and attached to the iPhone on the go. In addition it can be used as a makeshift cradle to prop up the iPhone outdoors like in a café. Lastly, with an active USB charging connection, the backup battery can be used as an iPhone docking station indoors such as the home or in the office keeping the iPhone at full charge while on standby.

Watch the video of the Thanko foldable battery dock in action below:



One multipurpose external battery for the iPhone that is well-designed. The Thanko foldable battery dock retails for 2980 yen from Thanko JP.