thanko iphone 5 clip-on magnifier 1

Here’s one screen magnifier that lets you view stuff off the screen with ease, not a magnifier that is software based, but a real magnifier that attaches on to the iPhone.

thanko iphone 5 clip-on magnifier 2

The screen magnifier by Thanko JP comes with a clip that clips on to the side of the smartphone. This can be used for magnifying the screen when using a map application, allowing you to see more of the map clearly without the need of zooming in and out frequently.

A nice feature of the magnifier is that since it is flat and attached to the clip with a swivel mechanism, when you’re done using it you can simply swivel it to the back of the iPhone without needing to remove it from the phone.

Watch the video of the Thanko iPhone 5 clip-on screen magnifier in action below:



An convenient magnifier addon for the iPhone 5 that will make it easier to view the screen when using apps and for viewing images or videos.

The iPhone 5 clip-on screen magnifier retails for 1,580 yen from Thanko Japan.