thanko laptop combo stand 1

Here’s one laptop stand that not only lets a notebook computer cool down passively, but also comes with an extra platform at the top that allows one to place their gadgets on.

thanko laptop combo stand 2

thanko laptop combo stand 3

For those that do not own a desktop PC and do not have a dedicated table for use with a laptop, this laptop stand will pretty much offer a semi-permanent home for a laptop to be placed on for use. With holes at the bottom where the laptop sits on, it gives the laptop a slightly angled platform to sit on that allows a comfortable position for typing and also for heat to dissipate passively from the bottom of the laptop.

The second feature of the stand is a second raised platform that sits horizontally above the screen of the laptop. The raised platform allows one to place stuff like gadgets like mobile phones just above the laptop, which is pretty convenient and accessible. In addition, the platform also acts as a protection from glare coming from overhead lights from reflecting off the screen, offering a better contrast while using the laptop during night usage.

A interesting design for a laptop combo stand that helps to make the space around the notebook computer just a bit more useful.

The Thanko laptop combo stand retails for 3,480 yen from Thanko Japan.