acoustable coffee table speaker 1

Coffee tables are well, small tables that go in the living room for us to place stuff like newspapers, remotes and of course our morning coffee. Here’s one coffee table that’s not just an ordinary coffee table but also a giant speaker system!

acoustable coffee table speaker 2acoustable coffee table speaker 3

Designed by Jerome Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer, this huge speaker-coffee table combo called the Acoustable comes with a flat top that turns it into a usable piece of living room furniture, allowing one to not just to read papers or use a laptop PC right off it but also for listening to music.

The cool concept allows one to hook up their devices like media players and laptops to the coffee table, which acts like a central docking station of sorts. This eliminates the pain of listening to small built-in speakers in exchange for a sound system that’s considerably larger and more powerful.

The concept of a coffee table with a built in speaker is quite interesting, though I doubt it’ll have the mettle to match the surround sound systems of today with its single and omnidirectional audio output. However plus points surely have to be given for the idea of a coffee table that comes with an extra purpose, which is highly appropriate for modern urban living.