This is one of the most incredible thing I have seen. A piece of invisibility cloak demo-ed in a picture. Invisibility capes and clothes seem to be just science fiction and games to me since I was introduced to the concept but I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen one shown in a picture.


A quick explanation of how the material works is that it makes use of special materials to create the effect of refraction that bends light around the material, producing an optical illusion that simulates invisibility and camouflage.

I can see that this technology will definitely be in great demand, especially for military applications. Think about invisible soldiers and vehicles. Wow, the world suddenly seems so much more evil.

For military purposes it definitely means a greater advantage to those who perfect it, while on the other hand I believe this form of cloaking technology will also possess the potential to be used in many other useful applications as well.

Source via skirmisher

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