bass log subwoofer 1

Here’s one cool-looking subwoofer that comes embedded in a block of wood. Not just an ordinary block of wood but an entire section of a log! Crazy as it seems but the design makes a subwoofer pretty darn cool, as it combines technology with a part of nature.

bass log subwoofer 2

Just like a typical subwoofer, the Bass-Log from Dombrecht Miyoshi can be hooked up to a sound system for it to start delivering bass. The difference is that as the blue cedar wood which the Bass-Log is made from will dry and mature as time passes, the sound quality will also improve as the wood dries and resonates with the music pumped through it. That’s pretty much the same way how the acoustic quality of guitars sound better as the wood they’re made of age with time.

The thing is, some extra care has to be taken for a wooden log like this as it can easily turn into a home for termites anytime. Preventive measures against those critters is surely recommended for a wooden-based subwoofer like this.