The iPad has finally started shipping and many still wonder whether it is really worth the hype for a first-generation device from Apple. Well, this unboxing video by ihnatko tells you what to expect when you open that precious iPad box.


Without flash support, I wonder if most people will find it as a practical device for surfing the web, and that’s only for time to tell. However, if it does win the fight to get HTML 5 to become mainstream, we’ll know by then that the iPad has accomplished its duty.

Meanwhile, since the iPad was to be designed in such a way that it looks sleek and slippery, it is almost mandatory to find a stand of sorts to be able to watch movies without holding it with your both hands or laying it perpetually on the lap.


Fortunately the quick-thinkers cum crafters at Evil Mad scientist have devised a big guide on how to make your own iPad stand from scratch. Making your own stand definitely has it perks, as everything can be customized to suit individual needs.

Finally for those who managed to receive their revolutionary iPad, have fun with it! That’s until Apple unveils a magical iTable or iMat in the future.