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Always find it hard to get to sleep on a hot night? Or you are out camping on a hot summer night where there is no air-conditioning available. This Chillow is a water-filled pillow that helps to keep you cool on hot nights, although it can seem a little luxurious to be used as a pillow for camping.

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After filling the Chillow with cool tap water, the water will be absorbed into its foam core which acts like memory foam except that it comes with the ability to cool you down.

Just like a typical pillow, the Chillow can be used on both sides, meaning that if one side gets hot, it can be flipped over. This allows the used side to cool down while the side that has just been flipped over will be cool for use again. As it contains water, the pillow will be able cool your head and neck at a much faster rate for a cool and comfortable slumber.

Product features:

  • Comes with flock, non-slip backing
  • Provides one-sided cooling
  • Ideal for sleep and general cooling
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Allergy free
  • No batteries or mains required

The Chillow cooling water pillow is available from Firebox UK at £27.99 each.