the coburns wooden  ipad stand 1

Here’s a set of specially designed wooden blocks that are made for a specific purpose, and that’s for the job of holding up an iPad as a stand.

the coburns wooden  ipad stand 2

the coburns wooden  ipad stand 3

Made of wood, this pair of wooden blocks come with a notch each, and the bottom side of an iPad can be wedged in the notch.

Depending on the height at which the blocks are placed at the side of the iPad, different viewing angles can be achieved for use in either portrait or landscape modes.

The special feature that comes with this pair of stands is that they come embedded with a magnet so that they will be able to stick together for storage without risking the chance of losing either one. When they are needed, they can be simply pulled apart for use easily.

A cool and beautiful design for a pair of wooden blocks that work together to work as an iPad stand.

More info on the Coburns minimalistic iPad stand on its Kickstarter campaign page.