Over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, an efficient way of organizing Lego pieces has been thought up very seriously and shared to everyone. Instead of tossing all the unused bits and pieces into a big storage bin like below, every piece is stacked neatly in the most efficient way for the next building project as shown in the pictures following. Lego enthusiast or not, you have to give credit to the person who came up with this guide.

This picture shows the common and very inefficient way of organizing Lego bricks:

Undesired Lego Organizing

Now these below show the efficient way of organizing the Lego bricks:

Efficient Lego Organization

Efficient Lego Organization 2

A question may come into mind after looking at the pics. Why should people organize their Lego pieces like that? Do they have OCD or something? Not necessarily, for Lego enthusiasts and custom builders they have a huge collection of bricks that they need to keep organised, just like this Japanese guy below building a scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato purely with Lego.

Japanese Yamato Made With Lego

Or this guy who has built Lego stuff comprising of almost a million pieces.

Lego Yellow

Even if you’re not an enthusiast but have an interest in Lego building, then you should check out the full guide here.