facebook keyboard

While there are specialized keyboard for gaming made by various peripheral manufacturers, there seems to be none made for the avid social media addict. That’s until now, with this Facebook keyboard called S.N.A.K aka the Social Network Access Keyboard.

facebook keyboard left shortcut buttons

facebook keyboard right shortcut buttons

This Facebook keyboard from Social Keyboards come with 19 extra buttons located around a seemingly normal keyboard. These 19 buttons provide shortcuts on Facebook for going to your Facebook homepage directly or even deeper pages such as your inbox, notifications, photos or friends page.

With this keyboard it’ll probably make it easier to go to different pages of your Facebook account without needing to surf the confusing menus onscreen. All it needs is a touch of a button found on either sides of the Facebook keyboard to get to where you want on Facebook.


Left Hot Keys:

  • Messages – Takes you directly to your Inbox
  • Notifications – See what’s new on your network
  • Edit Profile – Quickly access and edit your profile
  • Events – Find and create events swiftly
  • Groups – Join new groups or edit existing groups
  • Friends – View, Edit or Contact a full list of your current friends
  • Phonebook – Find all of your friends’ phone numbers instantly
  • Help Center – Facebook’s help center
  • Account Settings – Quickly access all of your personal account settings
  • Privacy Settings – Adjust who can view your profile
  • Home – Takes you directly to www.Facebook.com

Right Hot Keys:

  • Sleep – Instantly hide Facebook, putting your computer to sleep
  • Photos – Access a full list of all current photos
  • Upload Photos – Upload a photo directly with a click of a button
  • Upload Videos – Upload a video directly with a click of a button
  • Games – Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafeville, etc. Play them NOW!
  • Links – Find all links posted by you and your friends
  • Ads + Pages -  Edit your Ads and Pages for your business or secondary page
  • Facebook For Developers – Press this button if you are a developer or webmaster


The Facebook keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and a good feature found on it is that the dedicated Facebook shortcut buttons will work as long as there’s a session stored on your computer that is connected to Facebook, which also means they’ll be disabled as long as you have been logged out from the website.

The Facebook Keyboard goes for $29.99 at Social Keyboard’s store.