Halloween’s a few weeks away and to get everyone in the mood, here are three items to check out. The items are arranged from the cutest to scariest so if you got the nerves, hit the link at the bottom of this excerpt to get you to the full page to view the other two items.

Halloween Item 1: Skeleton Dog Costume
If you’re bringing your dog to the party, you might want to dress him/her up with this adorable skeleton costume to join in the fun.

Skeleton Dog Costume

Halloween Item 2: Ceramic Skeleton Mug
Hand a mug of tomato juice to your friend or colleague dressed in a vampire costume, he’ll thank you for it, unless he really prefers real blood.

Ceramic Skeleton Mug

Halloween Item 3: Autopsy Slammer
Ok, here comes the creepy stuff. If you have the resources to set this up, you’ll scare the living hell out of your friends. This Autopsy slammer set is a mechanised item that makes a dummy rise up and slam back repeatedly and violently on the table. I am not a horror flick fan, so the closest scene I can relate this to is the scene where Claire in an episode of Heroes got up from the autopsy table completely disembowled. *eeks*

Autopsy Slammer