How many of you remember the Hello Kitty mania back in 2000, when McDonalds started the mad rush for Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel soft toys with every meal in Singapore.

Incredibly it even caused a glass door to shatter at one of the outlets due to the overwhelming crowd. I was a studying in Temasek Polytechnic then and although I had been guilty of buying a couple of soft toys too, I was lucky to get them at the less crowded outlets.

7 years from now, the Hello Kitty craze may have simmered down but it is still the ultimate passion for many Hello Kitty fans out there.

Three Hello Kitty related items have surfaced on the internet this week and somehow I feel a little influenced by the heat too. The first of the trio is a set of solid gold playing cards, followed by the ‘Sexy Girl Collection’ series of handphone accessories and finally the USB Desk Fan.

1. Solid Gold Hello Kitty Playing cards

Hello Kitty Gold Playing Cards

This is the ultimate Hello Kitty solid gold playing cards. Priced at 567,000 yen(approx SGD$7,172) the cards are currently being sold via Sanrio’s online shop in celebration of Hello Kitty’s 33rd anniversary. The cards measure at 58 x 89 mm and is made from 0.73 grams of 99.99% gold.

Sanrio via Pink Tentacle

2. Hello Kitty Sexy Girl Collection Handphone Charm

Sexy Hello Kitty Handphone Charm

The 5-apple tall Hello Kitty goes from adorable to a sex kitten with this “Sexy Collection” series of handphone charms. She sits in a seductive pose in a high-heel, seemingly to attract lots of attention with no effort at all.

via Inventor Spot

3. Hello Kitty USB Desk Fan

Hello Kitty USB Desk Fan

The last of the trio is a pretty functional item. Besides keeping you cool at your computer on a hot day, watching Hello Kitty enjoying herself in a polka-dot bikini by the beach leaves your mind to wander off to your own paradise.

Rakuten via Tokyo Mango