lego boombox

Lego is a the kind of toy that creationists and creative people love. From a seemingly messy pile of toy bricks they can be stacked and built into awesome stuff like sculptures and buildings.

However, this is one giant Lego brick that isn’t meant to be played or used like a typical toy brick. Instead it is actually a Boombox aka mini hi-fi system that churns out music.

Made to the scale of 10:1 meaning that it’s ten times larger than standard Lego bricks, this Lego Boombox is capable of reading optical media such as CDs and recordable CDs and playing music through its speakers.

While it doesn’t come with a docking port for MP3 players, it can still be hooked up to PMPs via aux input for MP3 connectivity. Also, besides being capable of playing digital tunes, it comes with a built-in AM/FM tuner for listening to over-the-air broadcasts for news and regular radio programming.

Specs aside, the main reason for wanting to own something like this is simply how cool it looks. Definitely adds a clean yet playful look to a room with its bold color and simple design. The Lego Boombox retails for £49.99 at Firebox.