These are the world’s most priciest guitar picks in the world. You are partly right if you guessed they’re made of some precious material, but you’ll never be able to guess its origins.

Most Expensive Guitar Pick in the World

These guitar picks are actually made from pieces of meteorite named the Gibeon meteorite which crashed into Earth over 4 billion years ago.

The meteorite was discovered way back in Namibia in 1836 and pieces of this meteorite had been on sale in the market ever since until they were finally banned from export by the local government.

The Gibeon meteorite, which is classified as an iron meteorite is made up of 90% iron and 8% nickel, and minerals such as kamacite and taenite.

So you may ask, how much do these guitar picks made from the Gibeon meteorite actually cost?

This pair of plectrums cost a whopping $5,000 AUD (USD $4,674) as quoted by their Australian crafters Starpics, known for creating such guitar picks out of precious metals.

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