ofo bookshelf chair

This is the perfect chair for bookworms. The Ofo chair by Igor Solovyov is a chair that’s designed with an inbuilt bookshelf, ideal for rooms with limited space. The bookshelf is made of the chassis of the Ofo chair so it not only provides stability but also make up the shelves that are capable of storing books on the inner-side of the chair.

The nice thing about the design apart from the secondary purpose of the chair to store books are the storage spaces for the books. The storage spaces are made in different sizes so it’s possible to store a wide variety of books and magazines that come in several measurements.

Lastly it’s the color of the chair that makes it stand out. The bold color that comes in colors such as red or green surely adds vibrancy to a modern living space. A well-designed piece of furniture that not only looks good but serves more than one practical purpose.