useful soup and cracker mug

Need a quick snack of soup and crackers to fill an an empty stomach between mealtimes but find it quite a hassle to get a separate plate just for your crackers? Here’s a clever solution, a soup and cracker mug that makes it easy to enjoy some nice soup and crackers conveniently.

The soup and cracker mug, is basically a mug with two compartments, one that holds your soup and the other for carrying complementary snacks like crackers or slices of toast. Being microwaveable safe, all you need to do is to warm up the soup using the same mug and then place the crackers on the side and you’re set to carry it wherever you want to enjoy your food.

Not only does it work for soup and crackers, this multi-compartment mug will also work for snacks that involve one serving of liquid and one serving of a dry confectionary. Tea and cookies, milk and Oreos, or coffee and chocolate, just to name some possible combinations. Definitely one useful piece of crockery for those who consume such snacks on a regularly basis.

The soup and cracker mugs retail in a set of 2 for $9.99 on Vat19.