The following is a pictorial account of a bunch of Lego Star Wars Stormtroopers returning home to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, originally written in Chinese via

The Stormtroopers are Returning Home

The festive period is approaching, everyone needs to head home to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Stormtroopers need to return home too but do not have the money to buy plane tickets; much less train tickets, so they hijacked a truck and prepare to head home.

stormtroopers are going home 1

Bringing along their luggage, the troopers started their long and arduous trip home.

stormtroopers are going home 2

Of course, there’s always the unlucky one who couldn’t get standing tickets so his kind comrades got him a ‘hanging’ ticket. As for the more unlucky one who couldn’t even get a hanging ticket, our brothers pooled their resources to get him a bicycle to be towed along.

stormtroopers are going home 3

Those with sitting tickets are the fortunate ones. You can see the look of happiness on their masks.

stormtroopers are going home 4

As for the Stormtroopers without the sitting tickets but managed to tag along, they are suffering yet feel somewhat blessed.

stormtroopers are going home 5

Unfortunately when it comes to the toll station, everyone has to pay regardless of their size.

stormtroopers are going home 6

As it is close to the festive season, even the policeman wears a smile on his face.

stormtroopers are going home 7

Thank you for watching, wishing everyone a happy spring season and a safe trip home.