team fortress 2 dispenser plush toy 1

The Team Fortress 2 dispenser is one of the most useful structures the engineer can build in the game. Not only does it help the team to replenish health, it also helps a team to hold a certain strategic part of the map. No wonder it is by far one of the most favorite structure every person on the team wishes to see when they are playing in the game.

team fortress 2 dispenser plush toy 2

team fortress 2 dispenser plush toy 3

Here’s a dispenser plushie that’ll unfortunately not be able to replenish your character’s health, but it could help to change your mood on a bad day especially after a couple of losing rounds in the game. This cute plushie made to look like a dispenser in the game is a hand-sewn plush toy that will gladly sit around on the desk of a Team Fortress 2 gamer, while cheering him/her on.

The dispensers are handmade not only in their original form, from either the red or blue team, but also feature a look that engineers hate to see while spies rejoice. Perhaps seeing a sapped dispenser in real life can also spur you on to push on to capture the objectives.

One cool DIY Team Fortress 2 themed dispenser plush toy perfect for TF2 gamers, and especially those who frequently play the engineer class.

The Team Fortress 2 dispenser plush toy sells for $45 CAD from Vanessa Stefaniuk’s Etsy shop.