Just a few days have passed when tons of TF2 fans got thrilled by the amazing TF2 Dispenser monitor case-mod, and in perfect timing, the companion to complete the entire TF2 Engineer case-mod PC system has arrived. This is the awesome sentry gun case-mod that holds the actual PC system!

TF2 sentry gun case mod

TiTon from IronMods.com has done it again, cramming an entire PC into this detailed model of the TF2 Engineer’s sentry gun.

And now, ladies and gentleman, the complete set in all its glory. The TF2 sentry gun case-mod containing the main computer system and the Dispenser monitor case mod housing the screen of the PC.

TF2 sentry gun and dispenser case-mod set

Do drop by bit-tech’s website for a complete walkthrough of the process in the making of the sentry gun casemod and more pictures in the gallery.

Video of the TF2 Engineer’s sentry gun casemod on Youtube: