tiltpod mini keychain iphone stand 1

Sometimes when you need an iPhone stand, there isn’t any available, and nothing else can be used as a makeshift stand for your smartphone. Meet the Tiltpod, an iPhone stand so small and flat it fits on a keychain.

tiltpod mini keychain iphone stand 2

The Tiltpod is an iPhone stand designed by Clint Slone, Mike & Eric Strasser. Not only does it fit the iPhone 4 and 4S models, it also comes with a pivoting attachment that fits at the bottom of most models of point-and-shoot digital cameras on the market. You’ll never find yourself without a stand for showing stuff to your friends or simply for watching movies with the Tiltpod.


Watch the video of the Tiltpod in action below:



With the camera attachment, the Tiltpod serves as a ultraportable camera tripod. Attach the camera to the Tiltpod, set the timer and you can take beautiful photos of you and your friends in scenic locations.

The Tiltpod mini keychain iPhone stand and digital camera tripod has announced its confirmation for funding and is currently available for pledges on Kickstarters.