The line between geeks and gadgeteers draws closer with this beach chair. If it was ten years ago this ‘Tech Chair’ could have been mistaken to be a prop right out of a sci-fi film.

tech chair for geeks

The functions and features of this beach chair designed by PC World would definitely be capable of overwhelming the average gadgenista. For starters, it acts as a docking station for all your portable media players and digital cameras, with connection ports available ranging from USB to FireWire.

Whatever you decide to plug into the chair allows you to view its output display via a built-in LCD panel. The sun shade located at the top doubles up as a solar panel to power up the devices.

If that not’s enough, the chair also has a WiFi and bluetooth antenna for extended communication capabilities.

Although the Tech Chair is still a concept, the technology associated in the construction of this piece of furniture is far from science fiction, therefore it definitely brings a glimpse of what technology has to offer to consumers in the not so distant future.

dailymail via gizmodiva