It has been raining the past couple of weeks almost everyday. According to the National Environment Agency, we are right in the period of the pre North-East Monsoon that lasts from October to early November every year.

With the dark clouds looming on us during this period, its not a matter of whether it will rain today, but when it actually does. Therefore it’s wise to keep an umbrella with us. The humble umbrella definitely is one of the most useful invention that has survived the advancement of technology for thousands of years.

So, in honour of this useful item, here are three umbrellas that have evolved to suit the tastes of some.

1. The Cute Umbrella
This bubble shaped umbrella is designed to shield most of the upper body of the user. Not only it allows a couple to stay dry and get cosy together, it looks cute and the transparent material lets the user look through the umbrella.

Bubble Umbrella

View the two remaining umbrellas after the jump.

2. The Bad Umbrella
This umbrella is designed to encourage adults to have fun. A water gun is attached as a umbrella grip and rainwater funnels down from the top into the pistol, allowing the user to pull the trigger and spraying it at others. Such an item will never be popular in crowded places, as it sets off terror alarms everywhere.

Water Pistol Umbrella

3. The Geeky Umbrella
Star Wars fans rejoice. This is your chance to play your favourite Jedi as he would look if it rained in outer-space. This LED umbrella features a shaft that will illuminate at the touch of a button. Do it on a dark stormy night. You may find another Jedi wannabe light up as well and you should see yourselves squaring off in the fountain at Bugis Junction.

LED Umbrella