The Nintendo Wii has really been hotting up since the end of last year, with all the media coverage of its revolutionary Wii-mote controller system that allows interactivity like never before on a console system. As of now, according to VG Chartz, Nintendo is still in the lead at 42.3% share in the console market with the Xbox 360 following closely behind at 40.4%.

The popularity of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii has certainly brought the Nintendo into another era of gaming. Besides providing gamers with entertainment, games that provide useful health tips for the purpose of integrating into users’ lifestyles are beginning to surface, especially so with Nintendo’s new Wii Fit.

The Wii Fit detects the user’s motion and centre of gravity for a new gaming experience. Think of it as DDR or Para Para on steroids.

After a workout on the Wii Fit, nobody can resist a Wii cake by then. Therefore I bring to you three Wii cakes bound to whet your appetite.

Wii Cake 1:

This cake was displayed at a wedding beside a conventional wedding cake. No prizes on guessing which cake caught the most attention.

Wii Cake 1

via adampsyche’s photostream

Wii Cake 2:

There was supposed to be a full main console for the cake. A pity that it collapsed as expressed by Kristy on her blog.

Wii Cake 2

Wii Cake 3:

By far the most famous Wii cake of all. This Wii cake is the creation of Brian Walak and was featured on The Martha Stewart Show and on Wired Magazine.

Wii Cake 3

via Wired Blog