thirsty light soil moisture meter 1

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the water content of the soil in a plant pot is too wet or too dry, especially for amateur plant growers. Keeping household plants healthy requires a number of factors, one of which is the moisture level of the soil the plant is grown in.

thirsty light soil moisture meter 2thirsty light soil moisture meter 3

This handy soil moisture meter called Thirsty Light takes the guesswork out of determining the moisture level of the soil of plants. Simply insert the probe into the soil and all the probe needs is one second for the meter to display the amount of water contained in the soil for five different levels of dryness; suitable for managing the moisture content of soil for a wide variety of plants and shrubs.

For a more critical alert, the Thirsty Light will have its LED light up and blink incessantly when the soil get too dry. This will let plant owners know that the plant is seriously in need of watering and therefore give us chance to rehydrate the soil before the plant starts to die.

Product Features:

  • Digital indoor plant moisture sensor
  • Prevents the under/over-watering of household plants
  • LED on the sensor head blinks when soil is too dry
  • Five different levels of dryness
  • Unobtrusive design. You’ll barely notice it, unless the LED is blinking
  • Durable brass sensor resists corrosion
  • ABS plastic casing

The Thirsty Light soil moisture meter is available in classic and curve shape designs and goes for £9.99 at Firebox.