A house with all its lights out at 8pm in the evening could mean that the family’s out, potentially attracting the attention of burglars trying to pick out an easy target. With this simple device, your house will never seem empty again!

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device

The surface of the fake TV is lined up with colourful LEDs that light up, simulating the lighting effects of a real TV screen being reflected off a wall, essentially making it a really capable burglar-deterrent device.

It is also capable of common effects often projected by TV screens such as scene changes, camera pans, fades and flicks, just to name a few. Therefore it will be able to fool almost anyone who happens to look at your window and notice the light show reflecting off the wall.

One of the useful features of this burglar deterrent device is the light sensor within that allows for automatic activation of the device, meaning that the house will always seem to be occupied even when everyone’s on vacation.

Instead of having a real TV on while the family’s out, energy can be saved as the power consumption of LEDs is significantly lower compared to a LCD or plasma television.

Here’s a video of the fake TV in action:

You can also visit the FakeTV website for more information about this innovative yet useful device and it definitely looks to be a good addition to any home security package out there.