led flashing light iphone case 1

There are times when you are in a noisy environment or in a very quiet environment where the ringtone or vibration of your iPhone can’t be used to inform you of an incoming call. Here’s one iPhone case that comes with light, and flashes whenever there is radio activity around the iPhone.

led flashing light iphone case 2

led flashing light iphone case 3

This LED flashing iPhone case comes in a transparent shell, which allow the colored flashing light to spread across its body. Whenever there is mobile transmission activity within your smartphone or around it, the entire flashing LED case will light up in an array of colors such as red, orange blue and green.

Perfect for those who often leave their phones on the table and forget to return the iPhone from silent mode. Apart from the usual scratch and dirt protection, the addition of flashing lights will serve as a nice indication of an incoming call or SMS when it detects an incoming mobile transmission.

The LED flashing iPhone case is powered by a CR2016 button battery and retails for 1,890 yen from Strapya-World.