smart light sensing led slippers 1

Knocking over things in the dark can be painful at times, especially in particularly dark corners where your hallway lighting can’t reach. Here’s one pair of LED slippers that will make sure your path gets illuminated all the time so that your precious toes will never kick the sharp corner of a cabinet and get hurt.

smart light sensing led slippers 2

Simply put it, they’re just slippers with led lights embedded in the front. However, it’s actually a pair of smart slippers that switches on the LED bulbs only when it senses weight acting on the sole and also when there is insufficient light around so there’s no worry of wastage of power when you step out of the slippers; compared to the power wasted by a torch that has been left running by accident.

A pair of slippers that makes it much safer when walking around the house at night. The smart light-sensing LED slippers are made of wool and run on lithium batteries. Each pair retails for $40 at Opulent Items.